"Wixie is a universal tool that allows our learners to be creators of knowledge. From note-taking to digital storytelling, the program is our go-to software. We love its simplicity for differentiation, assessments, and abundance of ready to use activities and resources."

Alena Zink
Forsyth County Schools, GA

Across the Curriculum

There are so many ways to use Wixie that match the needs and goals of your classroom curriculum. Wixie lets students combine text, images, original artwork, voice and video to create as they explore the curriculum.

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Lesson Plans

Wixie includes lesson ideas for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies to help you integrate technology into your curriculum. You can find them on your home page by clicking the Lesson Ideas button.

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Curriculum Integration Guides

Wixie works across the curriculum, supporting effective 21st-century learning through approaches like STEM and digital storytelling. Explore guides for building literacy, connecting to the curriculum, and more.

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Wixie Training

Getting Started

Wixie 101 is a training center with videos, guidebooks, printables, and templates to help you get the most of out Wixie in your classroom.

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Wixie has an extensive library of reference materials to help you learn to use all of Wixie's features.

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We host a regular series of Wixie webinars, many presented by educators who use Wixie to build literacy, language acquisition, STEAM skills, voice, choice, and more.

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YouTube Video Library

If you are looking for an introduction, training, or new ideas, we have a video for you. There are playlists for Wixie on YouTube with:

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Wixie and curriculum

Connecting Wixie

Reading Programs

A combination of activities and open-ended project work in Wixie can help you assess basic literacy skills, and engage students in the practice necessary to build these skills.

Treasures - National

Treasures - California


HMH Journeys

Get Recognized!

You can be recognized for your Wixie integration leadership. Complete an application to become a Tech4Learning Innovative Educator to join our TIE group. You can also complete the Wixie Certified Educator process to learn new skills, demonstrate your expertise with using Wixie for meaningful student learning, and receive a badge with this award.

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Wixie Certified Educator Program

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