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Use Wixie's teacher tools to easily view student progress, manage assignments, provide feedback, and evaluate student work.

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"Wixie is a universal tool that allows our learners to be creators of knowledge. From note-taking to digital storytelling, Wixie is our go-to software. We love its simplicity for differentiation, assessments, and abundance of ready to use activities and resources."

Alena Zink
Forsyth County Schools, GA

Wixie is easy to integrate into everyday instruction!

Wixie provides unlimited possibilities for projects, so you only need one tool to create images, videos, interactive books, comics, animations, and more.

Lesson library

Easily integrate Wixie with hundreds of grade-level lessons plans.

Curriculum templates

Assign one of the thousands of standards-based activities.


Find the support you need in the professional development library.

Wixie helps you teach more effectively

Your teacher account is connected to your students and their work, providing a clear window into student thinking throughout the learning process.

Manage learning

Create assignments and easily access student work to view, provide feedback, and evaluate student work.

Inspect projects

Review every action students have taken in a project, see which students contribute to group work, and restore accidentally deleted pages.

Join student projects

Jump into individual or collaborative projects to provide feedback and guide students as needed.

Create powerful learning experiences

Create, customize and differentiate activities to personalize learning and meet the specific needs of your students.

Multiple looks

Choose the look that is just-right for your students - a feature-rich standard theme or a simplified primary theme.

Feature controls

Over 50 settings allow you to control the tools, image folders, dictation, collaboration options and more on your assignments.

Magic images

Create templates with "magic" images that animate to talk or change when you use them, like a probability spinner.

Share classroom work with parents

Wixie makes it easy to share the work students are doing in the classroom with their parents at home.

Curriculum Integration Guides

Wixie works across the curriculum, supporting effective 21st-century learning through approaches like STEM and digital storytelling. Explore guides for building literacy, connecting to the curriculum, and more.

Grade Levels


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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