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Wixie Pricing

Wixie has three account levels depending on whether you want to use Wixie yourself or with your child, are a teacher and want to use Wixie with your students, or you want to use Wixie across your entire school or district.

New York City - SHOPDOE

Wixie is available for schools in New York City Public Schools to purchase through the SHOPDOE purchasing system.

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A personal account you can use to create awesome Wixie projects.

Monthly - $2.00
Yearly - $20.00


A Wixie account for your classroom. You get one teacher account and up to 70 student accounts.

Monthly - $0.75 per student
Yearly - $5.00 per student

School or District

Use Wixie in your school or district. Purchase student accounts and organize students into classes including an unlimited number of teacher accounts.

Volume pricing based on the number of students

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