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Unhappy with your new Seesaw™ pricing?
Switch to Wixie for just $2.50 a student!

Wixie and Seesaw offer students and teachers different tools, but Wixie can give your students the tools they need to share their learning through their writing, art, voice, and video.

Wixie also provides teachers with tools to manage, evaluate, and share student learning.

The best way for you to determine if Wixie meets your needs is to start with a demonstration.

Schools and districts that have purchased Seesaw for the 22-23 school year can purchase Wixie at an introductory price of $2.50 a student for the 23-24 school year.

Offer expires on August 31, 2023. This offer is available only to new Wixie customers and cannot be combined with other promotions.

"I have been using Wixie in the classroom for many years. What I appreciate most is the time and thoughtfulness that they put into responding to the needs and ideas of teachers and their students. With each year, Wixie continues to improve, innovate, and become more user friendly and accessible. Even better, whenever we have a tech challenge, their team is responsive and supportive within a minimal amount of time."

Noelani Ogasawara
UCLA Lab School, CA

Students show what they know

Flexible from the start

Start projects from a blank page, template, uploaded file, or image from your camera.

Powerful authoring tools

Combine text, voice, and video with original art and images onto a single page, or as linear and non-linear multi-page projects.

Work in teams

Collaborate in real time to capitalize on the strengths of your team and work together to meet challenges.

Capture media

Add images, videos, and voice narration using your device's camera and microphone.

Extensive image library

Add images from a curated clip art library, integrated Pics4Learning search, and connection to your Google Drive.

Multiple sharing options

Publish projects as a url, a video, an animated GIF, an image, an eBook, or a PDF.

Tools for creative teaching

Wixie 101

Get started quickly with a training center full of instructional videos, how-to's and curriculum guides.

Lesson library

Easily integrate Wixie with hundreds of lessons plans organized by curriculum and grade level.

Curriculum template library

Choose from thousands of standards-based curriculum templates or build and customize your own.

Manage learning

Create assignments and easily access student work to view, provide feedback, and evaluate student work.

Upload worksheets

Upload images and PDF worksheets to migrate content into Wixie.

Multiple looks

Select between a feature-rich standard theme or a simplified primary theme to choose the look that is just-right for your students.

Share and create classes

Free yourself from the constraints of your SIS! Create custom classes of students and teachers and share classes with other staff.

Control available features

Turn features on or off when building assignments. Choose from over 50 project-wide or object-specific controls.

Join student projects

Jump into any student project to help provide feedback and guide students as needed.

"Wixie is a great tool for my students to showcase their learning by creating original digital projects, which can be easily shared with their teacher, classmates, and family members. It is a unique program that allows students to access all 4 C’s, is highly engaging, and most of all FUN! My students cannot wait to log in to Wixie to start or finish a project, and ask about it all the time!"

Dr. Monica Winkler
Buffalo Trail Elementary, CO

Integrate with your LMS


You can add a link to a Wixie template to assignments in Brighspace. Students complete the work in Wixie and then add a link to their project in their assignment submission.


You can add Wixie templates to Canvas assignments. Students complete the work and submit the project from Wixie. Then, you can grade the project in Speedgrader.

Google Classroom

Create Google Classroom assignments from Wixie. Students open the link in Google Classroom, complete their work, and submit the project back to Google Classroom for grading.

Find out if Wixie can meet your needs - Request a demo