Wixie creates seamless transitions between learning at school and at home.

Student access

Students can access Wixie from home the same way they do from school. Students simply log in from home to complete the work their teachers have assigned.

Wixie works across a range of devices from PCs to Chromebooks to phones increasing the likelihood that students will be able to access their work from home.

Simplify life for teachers

Teachers will find that Wixie simplifies the process of collecting assigned student work.

Teachers can create assignments for students to complete at home. Assignments show at the top of each student's home page as soon as they log in.

Student work is saved automatically and teachers can automatically view student work so they can provide feedback, evaluate progress and assess learning.

"My parents were struggling trying to figure out how to print and submit all of the assignments in the printed resources the county provided. So, I used the snipping tool and added all of the assessment pages and practice pages to individual Wixie assignments. I went from maybe 20% of the children submitting work to 95% as soon as I did. The best thing was I could see and comment on what they did and parents had to submit nothing. I marked completed assignments as complete and have a great body of evidence for every child but one."

Clarence J. Jones III
Kindergarten Teacher

Integrate the curriculum into Wixie

Student work can start from a blank page or begin with one of over 1500 templates in Wixie's curriculum library. Schools can curate their own library of templates for teachers to use with students.

"Our teachers, students, and parents are able to access activities that were created and aligned to the curriculum in school and during the closure at home. Students love being able to show their learning in different ways through drawing, writing, images, storytelling as well as teaching their parents how to use this great application. Wixie was used extensively in grades K-2 as part of the weekly activities during our elearning at home and throughout grades 3-5 in a variety of ways.

Teachers, students, and parents, excited about the use of Wixie, have asked about its availability over the summer. The only answer is, of course!"

Debbie Ray
Anne Arundel County Public Schools

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Get started using Wixie for remote learning

Remote Learning Guide for Wixie

50 ideas for using Wixie for remote learning with students in grades K-5!

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