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Bring creativity to your Chromebooks!

Wixie is a publishing and creativity platform that lets students use their writing, their voice, and their art to share their knowledge.

"Now that we are moving to our cloud-based accounts in Google I have found it really hard to find anything that compares to what Wixie offers."

Ginny Rowley, Frederick County, MD

One tool, unlimited uses!

Blending text, images, and original art with voice and video recording makes Wixie the perfect tool for today's students.

Students can author a wide variety of performance tasks that demonstrate understanding, encourage critical thinking, and build creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

Wixie works from primary grades through middle school. Student projects can evolve from simple one-page examples of writing, art, and voice growing into multi-page eBooks with paragraphs of text, images, and sounds and voice, that they can print, share online, or distribute as an ePub.

Primary Grades

Elementary Grades

Middle School

Meet your curriculum goals

Start work from a blank screen or choose from a library of hundreds of standards-based curriculum templates.

Wixie's library of templates range from formative assessments in language arts, math, science, and social studies, to graphic organizers like Venn diagrams, timelines, and flowcharts.

Teachers can assign these templates directly to students or modify and differentiate for their learners.

Integrate with your Google Accounts

Share work to Google Classroom

Students and teachers can easily share Wixie projects to Google Classroom. Students can submit their Wixie projects to their Google Classroom accounts as assignments. Teachers and students do not need to be signed in to Wixie to view the projects in Google Classroom.

Create assignments in Google Classroom

Teachers can create assignments using Wixie and add them to their Google Classroom course work. When students have completed the work, a button on the tolbar allows them to quickly submit their assignment.

Log in with Google

Wixie allows organizations to use their Google accounts for authenticating users. Students and teachers can log in once to their Chromebook and seamlessly access their Wixie account without having to reenter a username and password.

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