What can you do with Wixie? Just about anything!

In classrooms around the country, teachers are finding and sharing creative ways to integrate technology into their classroom curriculum using Wixie.

We have collected a range of samples you can use to find your own inspiration in the ideas they are sharing. Share your own ideas using the hashtag #wixie on Twitter!

Check out Twitter to find the most recent ideas being shared.

Favorite Memory

Digital Writing

Letter-Sound Correspondence

Geography Foundations


Self-Portrait Labels

Recreating Story Scenes


Heritage ABCs

Working with Data

Write and Visualize Story Problems

Math Manipulatives


Publishing Writing

Number Stories

Science Lab Reports

Author Study

Map Making

Publishing Writing

Collaborative Design and Play

Number Sense

Life Cycle Animations

Creative Literature Response

Book Reviews

Digital Research, Writing, and Publishing

SEL - Compliment Cards

What makes a character memorable?

Digital Writing and Publishing

Build social-emotional skills

Interpreting Texts

Composite Shapes

Ocean Vocabulary

Bedroom Design and Area

Ways We Use Water

Rock Cycle Comics

Digital Citizenship

Music Assessments

Animated Retelling

Persuasive Writing

Exploring Character (change)

Greek Tragedy

Creating Informational Texts

Planning for Writing

Response to Literature

Illustrate Science Observations

Sequence Story Events

Life Cycle Videos

Graphic Novels

Write, Record, and Illustrate Original Poetry

Practicing Music

Show and Explain Mathematical Thinking

The Writing Process

Designing New Forms of Transportation

Explaining Composite Shapes

Idiom Dictionaries

Engineering Design

Oral and Written Vocabulary Collection

Sustainable City Design

Early Learning Foundations

Collaborative Reading Response

Making Patterns

Oral Language Practice

Publishing Books


Vocabulary and Fluency

Visual Soundscapes

Personal Timelines

Number Sentences

Our Families

Multiplication Arrays

Types of Communities


Acrostic Poems

Combine Math and Literacy

Raising Awareness

Main Idea



Pop Art

Invention Designs

Animal Interviews

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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