Wixie Ideas for Thanksgiving

Use these examples of projects created by students and tweets from classroom teachers to inspire your activities in your classroom for Thanksgiving.

Creative use of technology can engage students, and help you integrate your iPads, PCs, or Chromebooks into the curriculum.

These multimedia projects were created by students using Wixie.

Use a Thanksgiving Template

Search your Wixie home page for "Thanksgiving" to find templates and activities you can use to build mouse skills, number sense, writing, and gratitude.

Send a Digital Thank You Card

Have students create and send a thank you card in Wixie. From hand drawn pictures that represent a shared experience to a photo with audio recording, asking students express gratitude not only makes someone else's day, research shows it will make students happier too


Write a Class Thanksgiving Traditions Book

Have students create a Wixie project to share their experience and their family's Thanksgiving traditions. Combine the student projects into a class book.

Thanksgiving Jam Rhythm Compositions

So Many Ways to Wixie for Thanksgiving

Float Design Projects

Counting Feathers

Turkey disguises inspired by Turkey Trouble

Balloons Over Broadway

Connect to Literature

Thanksgiving Jams


“Thank You, Sarah” Response

Multiple pathways

Creating Cards

Vocabulary - Label Pilgrim Clothing

Thanksgiving Tables

Common Core Guide for First Grade

Meet the curriculum goals of the Common Core State Standards through creativity with Wixie.

This FREE guide provides teachers with correlations and ideas for integrating Wixie activities into their curriculum.

Building Literacy in Elementary Students

New approaches to building literacy through creative technology in grades 3-5.

This FREE guide includes:

  • Articles and Project Ideas
  • Lesson Plans
  • Sample Student Work

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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