Build analytical and creative thinking with a STEM approach!

A STEM classroom approaches instruction in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; not as separate disciplines, but through an integrated and applied approach with real world application.

Wixie is the perfect digital canvas for students in STEM classrooms. Students can use Wixie to combine text, images, and voice narration to share design ideas, explain their thinking, and share real world solutions.


Students complete the engineering or design thinking process and present their ideas and process.


Students create a presentation or other materials to educate people about a real world problem.

Raise Awareness and Change Behavior

Students create a public service announcement to educate people about an issue they are passionate about.


Students create an infographic to share knowledge and data about an issue or topic they are studying.

Interview with an Animal

Students interview animals to demonstrate knowledge of animal characteristics, diet, and more.


Having students showcase their ideas using comics to make learning relevant and fun!

Park Designs

Bedroom Design

Black History Month

Survival and Adaptation

Habitat Design

Computational Thinking: Patterns

Letters from Space

Engineering Design Process

Shape Architects

Weather Reporting

Diagrams and Illustrations

Diagrams and Illustrations

Roller Coaster Design

STEM Presentations

Build Analytical and Creative Thinking with STEM

Utilize the goals and ideas of a STEM approach in your classroom.

This FREE guide includes:

  • Articles and Project Ideas
  • Lesson Plans
  • Sample Student Work

Integrate Technology into Science

Ideas for engaging elementary students in science as they explore the curriculum through creative projects.

This FREE guide includes:

  • Articles and Project Ideas
  • Lesson Plans
  • Sample Student Work

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