Bring Creative Technology to Second-Grade Classrooms!

Use these examples of projects created by students and tweets from classroom teachers to inspire technology integration in your second-grade classroom.

These multimedia projects were created by students using Wixie.

Animal Alliteration

Students learn to write using alliteration. Students learn to create illustrations that support and reflect their writing.

Interview with a Dinosaur

Students interview dinosaurs to demonstrate knowledge of animal characteristics, diet, and more.

Literature Adaptation

Students create their own adaptations of literature they are reading.

5 Sense's Poem

Rather than copying and pasting information, writing a 5 senses poem about a topic encourages students to activate facts they know or find in their own words.

Writing How-to Books

Have students write how-to books for favorite activities or tasks they can do independently.

Publishing Poetry

Sharing Research

Science Diagrams


Character Education

Collaborative Projects

Season Scientists

Designing with 2D and 3D Shapes

Reading Comprehension

Planning Plots and Writing Stories

Music Composition

Story Mapping

Character Traits

Nonfiction Writing

Graphic Organizers

Life Cycles

Animal Research Project

Engineering Design Process

Animal Interviews

Book Recommendations

Planet Projects

Language Learning

Bridge Designs

Science Journals

Student-Created Anchor Charts


Visualizing a Story

Goal Setting


Internet Safety

Fairy Tales



3-Digit Numbers

Urban vs. Rural

Foldable Flap Books

Common Core Guide for Second Grade

Meet the curriculum goals of the Common Core State Standards through creativity with Wixie.

This FREE guide provides teachers with correlations and ideas for integrating Wixie activities into their curriculum.

Building Literacy in Elementary Students

New approaches to building literacy through creative technology in grades K-2.

This FREE guide includes:

  • Articles and Project Ideas
  • Lesson Plans
  • Sample Student Work

Join the thousands of teachers and students who are using Wixie every day!

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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