Using Wixie to support project-based learning

What is project-based learning?

In project-based learning, students are first engaged with an issue, question, or problem they want to solve and then learn content in order to answer it. This helps students connect learning to the real world because there is an obvious why to the content they are learning.

With PBL, students may still create presentations, public service announcements, comics and other products, the difference is that they are responsible for choosing what product best helps them showcase their ideas and content.

What is Wixie?

Wixie is a digital canvas students can use to share what they know through their writing, their voice, and their art. The authoring possibilities for students make Wixie the perfect tool for project-based learning.

The following are sample multimedia projects created by students using Wixie during project-based learning.

Public Service Announcements

These students created public service announcement to educate people about an issue they were passionate about.

Reading and Writing Informational Texts

When these students couldn't find informational texts at their reading level, they worked to create their own and shared them.

Create a Game

To engage other students in a favorite book, these students used what they knew about characters to create their own card game!

Developing Designs

Students designed a new roller coast based on physics and themes needed for a specific client.

Zoo Enclosure Design

Taking Action

Changing Bevahior with Citizenship Comics

Presentations of Learning

Raising Awareness


Sharing Ideas

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