Digital project ideas for learning about shapes in the primary grades!

Use these examples of math projects for shape created by priary students to inspire technology integration in your classroom.

These digital projects were created by students using Wixie.

Identifying Shapes

Students categorize objects in their environment into basic shapes.

Composite Shapes

Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten state that students “model shapes in the world by … drawing shapes (K.G.B.5) and compose simple shapes to form larger shapes (K.G.B.6).”

image of student page in their version of Dale Ann Dodd's The Shape of Things

Give students choice

Use this choice board to put students in charge of how they will explore shapes.

Identifying Shapes

Composite Shape Homes

Shape Choice Board

Shape Storytelling

Shape Books

Plane and Solid Shapes

Monster Shapes

Composite Shapes

Geometric Shape Search

2D and 3D Shapes with a Literature Connection


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