Use Wixie as part of your music program

If your site is 1:1 or looking to add a digital component to your music project, Wixie provides a canvas students your young musicians can use to compose melodies, document their work in music, and demonstrate their learning.

Use these templates and ideas to inspire your use of digital creativity tools for music education.

Wixie Music Templates

The Wixie Templates library includes a folder of music activities you can use to help students learn to identify instruments, sounds, and rhythm as well as play compositions on keyboards and xylophones.

image of a few files in Wixie's template library for music

Wixie Notation Library

Students can access a collection of musical notation in the Wixie's Sticker library (Image button). This collection shows automatically when students use templates like Compose a Melody.

image of Wixie's music notation library

Play Music

Wixie includes keyboard, xylophone, and percussion tube templates students can use to pracing playing music!

Response to Music

Recognizing Patterns


Performance Assessment

Music Composition

Dynamics Anchor Charts

Compose for BoomWhackers

Visualizing Music

Blending Music and Math

Blending Music and Literacy

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