Bring Creative Technology to Kindergarten Classrooms!

Use these examples of projects created by students to inspire technology integration in your Kindergarten classroom. Whether you have Chromebooks, iPads, PCs, or Macs in your classroom, you can use technology to engage and inspire your students in the curriculum.

These technology projects were created by students using Wixie.

Literature Adaptation

Students create their own adaptations of literature they are reading.

Identifying Shapes

Students categorize objects in their environment into basic shapes.

The Letter B

A page from a pre-school ABC book. Wixie gives students a voice to demonstrate early literacy skills that is engaging and meaningful.

13 Days of Halloween

Students practice counting through the creation of a Halloween (or any holiday!) counting book.

Explaining Patterns

Students practice making patterns and then record narration explaining their pattern.

Click the play button to listen to the student explain their pattern.

Shape People


Explaining Mathematical Thinking

Learning Letters

Seasonal Observations

Fraction Foundations

States of Matter

George Washington


Social Emotional Learning

Coin Caterpillars


Digital Storytelling

Performance Assessments

5 Senses Books

Butterfly Life Cycle Stories


Animal Habitats

Fiction vs Non-Fiction

Science Research Projects


Counting and Cardinality

End of Year Books

Story Adaptations

Word Families

Number Sense

Science Hypotheses


Mother's Day Cards


Working with 10 Frames


Comparing Stories

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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