Crafting interviews to demonstrate understanding

Use these examples of projects created by students and tweets from teachers to inspire interview projects in your classroom.

Creative use of technology can engage students, and help you integrate your iPads, PCs, or Chromebooks into the curriculum.

These interviews with animals, historic figures, planets and more were created by students using Wixie.

Interview with a book character

In this example, a student has created an interview with Brian from Gary Paulson's Hatchet to explore his experience on his own the Canadian wilderness.

Interview with a historical figure

In this example, students interviews a historic figure to share information about the time they lived, their actions at that time, and the impact on life today

Interview with an Animal

Students interview animals to demonstrate knowledge of animal characteristics, diet, and more.

Interview with an Artifact

Students interview an artifact, or local monument, to discuss its experience during an historical period.

Interview a hero

Students interview a hero in their family or community or even a hero from history and create media to share the story of their heroic actions with the world.

Collaborative Interviews

Historical Interviews

Gingerbread Man

Getting to Know Each Other

Famous Americans

Ancient Egyptians

Sharing Learning

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