Engage Students with Informational Texts

Student work with informational text doesn’t have to be rote or boring! Use these creative ideas to inspire activities in your classroom that engage students deeply with the informational text content they are reading.

Wixie is the perfect digital canvas for students to use to share their ideas about the information they are reading. Students can use Wixie to create engaging and valuable products that show what they think about information through a combination of text, images, and voice narration.

Interview with an Animal

Students interview animals to demonstrate knowledge of animal characteristics, diet, and more.

5 Senses Poem

Have your primary learners respond to informational texts that are read to them through the creation of a 5 senses poem.

Biographical Timelines

Students conduct research about an important woman in history (or science, math, medicine, politics...) and share information about their life in a timeline.


Students create an infographic to share knowledge and data about an issue or topic they are reading about.

Cycle Comics

Students can choose a scientific cycle such as pollination and illustrate it to build and demonstrate their understanding.

Trading Cards

Students research a person from history, or a character in a book they are reading, and summarize their findings in the form of a trading card.

Give students choice

Use this choice board to put students in charge of how they will demonstrate comprehension of an informational text.

Information Plaques

Research Organizers

Animal Books

Informational Books





Trading Cards




Informational Posters

Organizing Research

Compare Fiction and Nonfiction

Create your own nonfiction texts

Adaptation Posters

Immigration Brochures

Bat Books

Trading Cards

Habitat Presentations

Snake Posters

Famous People

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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