Use graphic organizers in Wixie

Graphic organizers are a great tool for helping students organize their thinking. Graphic organizers combine text and visuals to show ideas and the connections between ideas. Use graphic organizers in Wixie to help students better comprehend large amounts of information and complex ideas and improve writing.

While students can draw circles and connections on paper, technology makes it much easier to rearrange, edit, and identify new connections. Wixie includes templates for specific types of graphic organizers like Venn diagrams and T-charts as well as images and paint options students can use to create their own organizers from scratch.

Analyze by Comparing

Boost comprehension and build critical thinking foundations by asking students to compare details and information in stories and informational texts.

Illustrate Cycle Stages

Students can choose a scientific cycle and illustrate it to build and demonstrate their understanding.

Organize Opinion Writing

Emerging writers can use organizers to support opinions with reasons and examples.

Brainstorm and Organize Ideas

Webbing can help older students brainstorm ideas and organize details for powerful argument writing.

Identify Traits

Students use a cluster diagram to describe traits of a character, plant, animal, habitat, or weather system.

Sequence a Process

Use storyboards and sequences to help students break down complex processes and organize procedural writing.

Animal Life Cycles

Character Trait Analysis

Exploration Circle Maps

Five Finger Retelling

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Virginia History

Compare Presidents

Country Research

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