Bring Creative Technology to Fourth-Grade Classrooms!

Use these examples of projects created by students and tweets from classroom teachers to inspire technology integration in your fourth-grade classroom.

These multimedia projects were created by students using Wixie.


Students will illustrate and translate the meaning of an idiom to help others learn these examples of figurative language.

Design a Book Cover

Students create a new cover for a book to show comprehension and explore character, plot, setting, symbolism, and conflict.

Public Service Announcements

Students create a public service announcement to educate people about global warming or another issue they are passionate about.

Explore Line Symmetry

Students will create original artwork and manipulate images to demonstrate understanding of line symmetry.

Scientific Cycles

Students can choose a scientific cycle such as pollination and illustrate it to build and demonstrate their understanding.


Students design and create upcycled products using materials collected at home and school.

Mythology Trading Cards

Music Composition

Social-Emotional Learning

Planet Interviews

Young Author's Night Publishing


Plate Tectonics

Story Elements

Word Problems

Math Game Instructions

Author Study Posters

History Day

Comparing Presidents


Science Models

Modeling Fractions

Artistic Design


Science Safety

Learning Rhythm

Station Rotations

Listening Journals


Visual Vocabulary

Local Habitats

Narrative Writing

Common Core Guide for Fourth Grade

Meet the curriculum goals of the Common Core State Standards through creativity with Wixie.

This FREE guide provides teachers with correlations and ideas for integrating Wixie activities into their curriculum.

Building Literacy in Elementary Students

New approaches to building literacy through creative technology in grades 3-5.

This FREE guide includes:

  • Articles and Project Ideas
  • Lesson Plans
  • Sample Student Work

Join the thousands of teachers and students who are using Wixie every day!

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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