Bring Creative Technology to Fifth-Grade Classrooms!

Use these examples of projects created by students and tweets from classroom teachers to inspire technology integration in your fifth-grade classroom. These multimedia projects were created by students using Wixie.

Whether you have Chromebooks, iPads, PCs, or Macs in your classroom, you can use technology to engage and inspire your students in the curriculum.

"My students love Wixie because whatever skill level they start with, Wixie provides an opportunity to enhance their success. Each student is able to show their creativity in a way that highlights their strengths whether it’s through the use of video creation, voice recordings, drawing, and/or writing. Wixie makes demonstrating student knowledge accessible for all learners. The program is fun, challenging, and user friendly for both my teachers and my students."

Rachel B. Gelinas
Instructional Tech
Howard County PS, MD

Built-in activities for essential math foundations

Wixie's Templates library includes a range of fifth-grade math activities you can use for formative assessment purposes or tasks for student work at centers and in station rotations.

Design a Book Cover

Students create a new cover for a book to show comprehension and explore character, plot, setting, symbolism, and conflict.

Character Scrapbook

To show what they know about a character in a novel you are reading, students create a digital scrapbook for this person.

Personification Stories

Students can personify an object and write a story as part of an online book or animated adventure.

Come Visit our State

To help students better understand the unique features of a state in the US, they develop materials to promote that state and create a pitch to attract visitors to this location at a tourism trade show.

Historical Newsletter

To help students better understand the perspectives of those in different times and cultures, have them develop newsletters that recall and retell historic events.

Trading Cards

Students research a person from history, or a character in a book they are reading, and summarize their findings in the form of a trading card.

Professional Portfolios

Students create a portfolio for a significant person in history to showcase this person’s contributions to the community and our life today.

Give students choice

Use this choice board to put students in charge of how they will demonstrate their learning.

Musical Expression

Travel Books

Stop Motion Films

Rock Cycle Animation

Graphic Novels



Informational Text


Book Cover Design


Book Snaps

Informational Text

Comics and Graphic Novels

Coordinate Grids


Measuring Volume

Choice Projects

Geography and Mapping


Plot Diagrams

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