ELL Strategies for Primary Learners

Use these sample projects and classroom ideas to support your ELLs as they acquire new language.

Creative use of technology can engage ELLs, and help you integrate your iPads, PCs, or Chromebooks into the curriculum.

These samples were created by primary students and classrooms using Wixie.

"Wixie offers opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge across multiple language domains, making it an essential teaching tool for English Language Learners (ELLs). Students can publish their writing and read their writing out loud to their teachers. Wixie gives students voice and choice!"

Meaghan Martin, MEd
Instructional Technology Coach
Prince William County, VA

Built-in Activities to Support ELLs

Wixie's Templates library includes a range of files you can use to help your English Language Learners....

Simplified Digital Storytelling

Students added a single image and recorded narration to share facts about content they learned and practice fluency.

Passion Picture Books

Students write and illustrate on a topic they love and print as foldable booklets they can read over and over.

Sentence Strips

Students use the Wixie's Sentence Strip template to write and illustrate a sentence with new vocabulary.

Engaging English Language Learners

Engaging English Language Learners

A collection of visual, speaking, and listening activities to support all 5 stages of language acquisition.

Explore the guide!

Video retelling

Receptive and Productive Language Practice

Creative and Critical Thinking

Research Projects

Retell and Summarize

Fluency Practice

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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