Combine analytical and creative thinking to engage students in Earth Science!

Use creative technology tools to create illustrations, diagrams, reports, public service announcements, infographics and other performance tasks to engage students in deep thinking about Earth Science topics.

Wixie is the perfect digital canvas for students studying Earth Science. Students can use Wixie to combine text, images, and voice narration to explain their thinking and design real world solutions.


Students create an infographic to share knowledge and data about an issue or topic they are studying.

Scientific Diagrams and Models

Students create an diagram to share knowledge and data about an Earth Science issue or topic.


Having students showcase their ideas using comics to make learning relevant and fun!

Reading and Writing Informational Texts

Have students create their own informational text including headings, a table of contents, captions, and labeling to find information. Publish their work as a great collection of nonfiction at just the right reading level for your students.

What does the center of the Earth look like?

Severe Weather Safety

Earth Spheres

Illustrate and Label Volcanoes

Extreme Weather

Kinder Weather Brainstorm

Model Plate Tectonic Boundaries

Create Weathering and Erosion Diagrams

Weather Forecasts

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