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Creating eBooks: Students as readers, authors, and designers

Give student writing purpose and meaning through the creation of eBooks. eBooks make it easy to share student writing projects with a broad audience, helping to engage students and inspire them to produce their best work.

It's easy to export ePubs from Wixie. Students can use Wixie to write, illustrate, and record stories and nonfiction. Once students are finished writing, they can export work as ePub files and upload to GoogleDrive and Dropbox for easy sharing.

Creating eBooks engages students in their learning

Combining artwork with text and voice recording makes Wixie the perfect canvas for today's students. Creating an ePub, or iBook, to be shared in iTunes or your school's digital library is engaging and motivating to students and gives purpose to their hard work.

Explore sample student eBooks:

Download ePubs from a public Google Drive folder

Wixie tutorials:

Saving Wixie projects as ePub files

Sharing ePubs to Dropbox

Sharing ePubs to Google Drive

Click each sample to download the eBook.

Students as eBook Authors

Want to learn more about creating eBooks with your students? This Creative Educator article looks into ways to motivate students by creating ePubs in the classroom.

Sharing ePubs to Google Drive and Dropbox

Save an ePub from Wixie to Dropbox

Save an ePub from Wixie to Google Drive

Add an ePub from Dropbox to iBooks

Add an ePub from Google Drive to iBooks

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Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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