Creating Comics in the Intermediate Classroom

Comics and cartoons are a great way to engage students in the stories they are reading, the information they are researching, and the ideas they are exploring in your curriculum.

Wixie makes it easy for students to combine images and speech bubbles to create comics and cartoons that summarize, teach, retell, inform, raise awareness and more.

Retell and summarize stories

In this project, students create a comics to summarize important plot events in a book they are reading.

Showcase scientific cycles and processes

Students choose a scientific cycle and create an illustrated comic to share their learning of the process.

Teach others

Once students became experts, they created comics to share their expertise through a cartoon tutorial.

Raise awareness and change behavior

Comics are a fun way to get and share information. In this project, students use comics to inform others about important health issues.

Practice dialogue in another language

Students create comics (and record dialogue) to practice situations such as introducting themselves, meeting a friend, giving and receiving direstions, ordering food and more.

Scientific Cycles

Character Analysis

Civil War

Creative Writing

Showcase Science

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum. | ©2024 Tech4Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved.