Creative ideas for student-generated book reviews

Use these ideas to inspire you students to promote their favorite fiction, or nonfiction, books.

Creative use of technology can engage students, and help you integrate your iPads, PCs, or Chromebooks into your literacy curriculum.

Tasty OREO Reviews

The simple sentences organized in this fun format, Opinion-Reason-Example-Opinion, are great stand-alone reviews that are both easy to create and easy to read.

3D Cube

Combine reading, writing, and making by having students craft their review on the sides of a cube. Print student work on card stock. Then cut out, fold, and glue for review blocks you can share in your classroom or library-media center.

Friendly Letter or Email

Have students write a friendly letter or an email to recommend a book to a friend. Be sure to have students name the title and author, explain a bit about the story and explain why this is an enjoyable book to read.

Newspaper Ad or Review

Create an advertisement for a newspaper or magazine with information and visuals that convince others to read the book.

Book Jackets

While the cover may entice a potential reader to pick up a new book, the summary and quotes from reviews normally found on the book jacket are often what convinces them to actually read the story.

Book Trailer

Instead of detailing what happens in the book, a book trailer shares information about characters and events in a story in a way that entices someone to read it.

Promote a Favorite Book

Book Trailers

Collaborative Reviews

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