Animating in Wixie

Animations are powerful forms of visual communication and engaging ways for students to demonstrate understanding while building essential digital-age literacy skills.

Use these samples, lessons, and classroom animation ideas to inspire activities in your classroom that engage students in the curriculum.

Retell stories and information

Students can create animations to summarize events in a story or share knowledge you have learned from informational texts.

More ideas for taking retelling to the next level

Demonstrate Comprehension

Creating animation can help students analyze and more deeply comprehend ideas and structures, as small as single-celled organisms or as large as a solar system.

Retell Events

Creating animations helps students combine nonlinguistic representations with summarization to better remember information they are learning.

Visualize Vocabulary

Animated vocabulary cards can help engage students in the process of making sense of new words and remembering their meaning.

Animated Tutorials

Having students create the instructional materials needed to flip a lesson can deepen their own understanding of a given topic as they endeavor to teach the lesson to their classmates.


Because our students have grown up watching cartoons and animations, creating them is a powerful opportunity to empower them to create and not simply consume technology.

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