Video Export

You can export your Wixie project as a video.

In Standard Theme go to the File menu and choose Download.

In Primary Theme click the Share button on the toolbar and choose Download.

Teachers can also export videos of their student's projects. Go to the Students tab, select a project, and then click the Download button.

There are some restrictions on the length and contents of videos.

  • The maximium length is 10 minutes.
  • YouTube videos will display as a still image.
  • Uploaded videos will display as a still image.
  • If there are embedded videos on a page, there will not be the fade transition between pages.
  • There are limits to the amount of embedded video content that can be exported. These limits are based on a combination of the video durations and display area. Users will be presented with a message if their project excedes the video limits for exporting.

How long does an export take?
Under ideal conditions, an 8 page project with sounds recorded on all of the pages that would create a 50 second movie will take about 10 seconds to export.

Will the time of day impact how long it takes to export?
Videos are queued and created on the server. The amount of time it takes to export a video will vary based on traffic. For example, exporting on a weekday between 6am and 12pm PT will likely take longer than during other times of lower usage during the day. | ©2024 Tech4Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved.