Adding Wixie to Brightspace

Wixie can be added as an LTI external tool in Brightspace. As an external tool, teachers can search for and assign Wixie templates to students, and students can submit work in Wixie to Brightspace assignments.

This page has instructions for configuring Wixie and registering a tool in Brightspace.


You must have access to both the Wixie administrator account and a Brightspace administrator account to complete this set up.

In Wixie

Log in to your Wixie administrator account.

Click Accounts

In the How do you want to authenticate users section, click the LTI 1.3 check box

Click the Configuration pull-down menu and choose Brightspace.

Click the LTI Registration Data button

You will see the Wixie Registration dialog. This dialog has the information you will need to register Wixie in Brightspace.

In Brightspace

Click the Settings button and choose Manage Extensibility.

Click LTI Advantage.

Click the Register Tool button.

At the tool registration page, click the Standard radio button.

Enter Wixie in the Name field.

In the Domain field, enter the Domain from the Wixie Registration dialog.

In the Redirect URLs field, enter the Redirect URL from the Wixie Registration dialog.

In the Open ID Connect Login URL field, enter the Login Initiation URL from the Wixie Registration dialog.

In the Target Link URI field, enter the Target Link URL from the Wixie Registration dialog.

In the Keyset URL field, enter the Public JWK URL from the Wixie registration dialog.

Click the check boxes for all three Extensions.

Make sure the Send Institution Role check box is checked.

Click the Register button.

You will see the Brightspace Registration Details dialog.

Copy the Issuer.

In Wixie, paste the Issuer into the Issuer field.

The Auth Endpoint and Keyset URL fields will fill in automatically.

In Brightspace, copy the Client ID field.

In Wixie, paste the Client ID into the Client ID field.

If you want to have users created automatically when they try to access Wixie from Brightspace, click the Create user accounts if needed check box.

In Brightspace, click the View Deployments link.

On the External Learning Tools page, in the LTI Advantage area, click New Deployment.

On the Deploy Tool page, click the Tool pull-down menu and select Wixie.

In the Name field, type Wixie.

Add a Description if you would like.

Leave all of the Extensions checked.

In the Security Settings, click the following boxes: Org Unit Information, First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Link Information Title, and Link Information Description.

Click the Add Org Units button.

At the Add Org Units dialog, add the organizational units you want to have access to Wixie.

When you are finished, click the Create Deployment button.

You will see the Brightspace Deployment Details dialog.

Click View Links.

You will see the Links page for the Wixie deployment.

Click the New Link button.

In the Name field, type Wixie.

In the URL field, add the Domain from the Wixie Registration dialog.

Use the Type pull-down menu and choose Deep Linking Quicklink.

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