Project ideas for Chromebooks in Middle School!

Use these examples of projects created by students to inspire technology integration in your middle school classroom.

These multimedia projects were created by students using Wixie.

Character Scrapbook

To show what they know about a character in a novel they are reading, students create a digital scrapbook for this person.

Personification Stories

Students personify an animal or object and develop a story about its experiences and adventures.

Journey Journals

Students connect with the past as they write a first-person account of events in history.

Point of View

Retelling a story with different point of view helps students better comprehend an author's use of voice.

Creating Comics

When developing their own comic books and graphic novels, students practice summarizing and creating non-linguistic representations.

Trading Cards

Students research a person from history, or a character in a book they are reading, and summarize their findings in the form of a trading card.

Professional Portfolios

Students create a portfolio for a significant person in history to showcase this person’s contributions to the community and our life today.

Historical Newsletter

To help students better understand the perspectives of those in different times and cultures, have them develop newsletters that recall and retell historic events.

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