Get all learners making and creating

Wixie helps all students produce high-level work, providing a sense of pride in their abilities and encouraging determination and motivation to help them achieve.

Wixie provides a platform for students to showcase their ideas and feelings using the same tool as their peers.

Build recepting and expressive language skills

Students with language challenges can use activities to practice grammatical patterns, build visual cues for vocabulary words, and develop artwork to support their writing. Wixie's tools provide a range of ways for students to use words in context, express their ideas, build vocabulary, follow directions, and practice using words and their proper meaning.

Sample student work

Release anxiety and creative energy

It can helpful for students to express their emotions in a non-threatening and non-violent way. Students can release creative energy by scribbling with Wixie's paint tools and use color to show feeling, helping them calm down and express themselves in a positive way.

Sample student work

Overcome speech challenges

Wixie includes text-to-speech options that make it easy for students to listen to text others have provide for them or that they have written themselves. They can practice fluency with the audio and video recording tools, listen or watch their efforts, and easily try again if they want to.


Express emotions and experiences through story

Many students need additional support with communication and social skills. The visual nature of Wixie makes it easy for both teachers and students to highlight important words and phrases and support text with pictures. Teachers and students can use Wixie's tools to develop social stories that help them see situations from the perspective of other people and practice working with social cues.

Sample student work

Teachers can customize the Wixie experience

Wixie comes with two interfaces, standard and primary, so educators can choose the appropriate amount of options and features for each learner.

Teachers can also craft customized assignments and activities in Wixie. They can design these to require only click-and-drag with options on the screen, add text and audio instructions, and lock objects on the screen to make student work less distracting and confusing.Wixie can also run in Spanish and French.

Best practicies for building Wixie activities

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