Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn keyboard shortcuts to help access Wixie and use Wixie faster.

Application Keyboard Commands

Action Windows Chrome OS Mac
Go to the project list alt+g alt+g option+g
Go to the help alt+h alt+h option+h
Go to the students page (teachers only) alt+k alt+k option+k
Go to the settings page (teachers only) alt+j alt+j option+j
Close dialogs without saving changes Esc Esc Esc

Project List Keyboard Commands

Action Windows Chrome OS Mac
New alt+n alt+n option+n
Search alt+s alt+s option+s

Editor Keyboard Commands

Action Windows Chrome OS Mac
Undo ctrl+z ctrl+z ⌘+z
Redo ctrl+shift+z ctrl+shift+z ⌘+shift+z
Copy the selection ctrl+c ctrl+c ⌘+c
Cut the selection ctrl+x ctrl+x ⌘+x
Paste from the clipboard ctrl+v ctrl+v ⌘+v
Print the project ctrl+p ctrl+p ⌘+p
Go to the next page alt+period alt+period option+period
Go to the previous page alt+comma alt+comma option+comma
Add a text object alt+t alt+t option+t
Add an image alt+i alt+i option+i
Add a video alt+v alt+v option+v
Add a page alt+p alt+p option+p
Start a slide show alt+/ alt+/ option+/
Open the File menu alt+1 alt+1 option+1
Open the Edit menu alt+2 alt+2 option+2
Make a selected image smaller alt+- alt+- option+-
Make a selected image larger alt+= alt+= option+=
Rotate a selected image to the left alt+9 alt+9 option+9
Rotate a selected image to the right alt+0 alt+0 option+0
Set the focus on the active tool on the tool palette alt+a alt+a option+a
Set the focus on the page alt+s alt+s option+s
Set the focus on the toolbar alt+f alt+f option+f
Close dialogs without saving any changes Esc Esc Esc

Editor Object Modifiers

Action All Systems
Remove the ratio constraints when scaling objects shift+drag a scaling handle
Rotate in 45 degree increments shift+drag the rotate handle
Duplicate the selected object alt+drag
Move the selected object arrow keys
Select a locked video shift+click
Select a locked object with a hyperlink shift+click

Editor Paint Modifiers

Action All Systems
Paint in a straight line shift+drag with a paint tool
Constrain a painted shape (circle, squares, etc.) shift+drag with a shape paint tool

Measuring Tool Modifiers

Action All Systems
Change the measuring tool to white shift
Move the measuring tool arrow keys
Rotate the measuring tool to the left 9
Rotate the measuring tool to the right 0 | ©2021 Tech4Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved.