Wixie Ideas for Summer

If your child uses Wixie at school, they can log in at home over summer vacation.

Use these Wixie ideas to inspire digital learning in your home this summer.

Take advantage of Wixie's curriculum library

Need a quick idea? Type "summer" in the search field to find summer-themed templates.

Set Goals

Simply writing down your goals is proven to improve your chances of reaching them! To make goal setting more fun, have your students set goals as part of a summer bucket list.

Collect Summer Memories

Once goals have been set, use Wixie to keep track of summer memories!

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Craft a Summer Poem

The short nature and fun formats of poetry are a great way to inspire learners to write. Wixie includes several fun summer-themed poetry templates.

Write to Friends and Family

Send a postcard or message to a friend to share summer vacation memories and reconnect with friends they may not see. Print and mail or copy the URL and send to the family.

Share Your Summer Socially

Have your learner craft a positive social media post to showcase a summer memory.

Scrapbook Fun

Have your learner collect their thoughts and experiences over the summer in a scrapbook.

Citizenship Collaboration

ABC Books



Genius Hour

Animal Research

Students are using Wixie to bring their words, their voice, and their art to the curriculum.

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